Top FAQs By Most Vaping Beginners

vaping-atomizers_large“Vaping is very simple and anyone can do it.” This is what you’ll read online,, and if you ask some of your friends who vape, they will also say the same thing. But, is vaping as simple as advertised? Well, it depends on several things, such as the vaporizer, e-juice, the vaping guide, among others. So, the simplicity or the complexity of vaping depends on your experience at a personal level and not what people say. Ideally, the practice is supposed to be cheaper, healthier, and better than smoking. Most customers have concerns and often ask the following questions frequently.

1. Which Vaporizer is the Best for a Beginner?

The word “best” is a tricky one when referring to vaporizers. Truthfully, there is no perfect vaporizer if you are looking at the device from an angle of safety. Nevertheless, if you are asking about what design is less harmful to a beginner, there are four types:

• Electronic Cigarettes (or e-cigs): They look similar to the standard cigarette

• Pen Vapes: These ones look like ordinary writing pens

• Pocket Vaporizers: These are small in design to fit into the pocket

• Box Mods: These are bigger in size and are ideal for experienced users

2. Which E-juice should I Use in my e-Cig?

E-liquids come in an array of flavors. Common ones include tobacco, menthol, sweet, and fruit flavors. If you are transitioning from smoking to vaping, you will not have a problem with the tobacco flavor. If you find the nicotine to be too strong for you, you can mask the taste using sweet or fruit flavor. The menthol flavor can also work. The most important thing in the e-juice is the nicotine, and you need to find the strength level that works for you and stick to it.

3. What Vaping Practices Should I Copy?

Vaping should be done responsibly. It’s a general rule to avoid vaping where smoking is prohibited. This includes private premises, restaurants, bus stops, and other unauthorized places. In social settings, you can vape as long as the people around you don’t mind. The best way to do it is privately at home or in designated vaping spots.


Responsible vaping depends on embracing the right practices. This means using the right e-cigarettes and e-juices. When starting out, the experience should be enjoyable. Accordingly, you have to do it the right way before you get to the professional level.